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Client Delta
Year 2018
Role Website / Mobile app
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Bconfident is an AI-driven solution that helps organisations to reduce hiring costs and time through intelligent automated interviews

Company's vision:

How many interviews can you make in one hour? one, two? with our solution, you can make up to unlimited interviews per hour. We are building a Mobile & web platform that will help companies design their own interview once and share it among the applicants and get unlimited responses. Using the AI and ML we are developing a system which ensures that every applicant will get a dynamic tailored interview based on his skills and experience. our platforms learn more and study human behavior better to help you create dynamic interviews and assessments that would get accurate results for your company.

Initial sketches
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The Challenge: Bringing life to automated interviews

When designing HR solutions especially those who are targeting applicants, one of the most know problems is the long application process, that is why I focused on designing swift yet effective application process that encourage the user to go for the next step. My initial interviews shoed a tendency to resist the concept of automated interviews. The reason behind that is the lack of human-human interaction, interviews themselves are stressful enough for most of the people, 75% percent of interviewed potential users reported that automated interviews make them feel uncomfortable due to the fact that they will technically be speaking to themselves

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The solution: Replicating the most relaxing parts of the real interviews in a simple and conveying way

After interviewing potential users and asking them about what is the one thing that makes you feel relaxed in interviews, around 80% said that the interviewer plays the greatest role, the majority mentioned that a simple smile can make them feel much relaxed. So the question popped up how can we replicate the same feelings in automated interviews?

The secret in 3,2,1 … smile 🙂

Giving the user the time before entering starting the interview in a form of count down after he push the start button and inject positive messages while counting,

The approach was tested with 50 participant 95% showed huge interest in the approach and reported much less stress when they are exposed to these messages

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Site of the Day — Dec 2017


Site of the Day — Dec 2017