Web design


Client Videointerview
Year 2019
Role Research, interview and Design
01 —

Video interview is a job board that allow business owners as well as recruiters to post jobs and get detailed insight of the candidate based on their preferred criteria

My role:

Was to research and design the employer dashboard. My client goal is to make an easy to use experience of the employer wha tend to be busy and don’t have prefer complicated interface

02 —

The challenge:

The biggest challenge was to organise all the information and options in a logical way to provide employers with a very low leaning curve the second challenge was to transform the Job posting process to be find and encouraging to use

03 —

The solution:

To find the best way to organise information in which  every chunk of information was placed in card and I asked multiple employer to order them in a way that he thinks it best make sense for him their responses gave me the opportunity to have insight of  how they think and design IA with the best possible way I have also used animation and gamification to make the whole process fin to use

Artboard – 1


Site of the Day — Dec 2017


Site of the Day — Dec 2017